Gold Mines of the Kirkland Lake Region

Kent (Addison) Lake Shore Wright – Hargreaves Teck – Hughes Macassa Sylvanite Upper Canada Holt (McDermott) Kirkland Lake Ross Toburn Holloway Mine Young – Davidson Kirkland Lake Gold Black Fox (Glimmer) Matachewan Consolidated Chesterville Omega Macassa (Tailings) Bidgood Upper Beaver Holloway-Holt Hislop Mine (Hislop East) Barry Hollinger Ashley McBean Tyranite Swastika (Gateford) Eastmaque (tailings) Cheminis Canadian Arrow Morris Kirkland Croesus Buffonta Cathroy Larder (Mirado) Newfield Laguerre Canamax (Matheson Project) Moffat-Hall Stairs Barber Larder Goldpost Ronda Kirkland Townsite Taylor Ryan Lake Armistice Argyll Gold Hill Hudson-Rand Centre Hill Bourkes Queenston Ethel Copper Blue Quartz New Telluride Miller Independence Golden Summit Aljo American Eagle Gold Pyramid White-Guyatt

The right hand panel of the plaque lists the 63 gold mines of the region, the first and last years of production (not necessarily continuous) and the number of ounces of gold produced.  The quantities are accurate to December 31, 2011.

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