Location: Tyrrell Township
Years of Operation: 1939 – 1942
Tons Milled: 223 810
Ounces of Gold Produced: 31,352






Tyranite Mine (Past Producer)




Approximately  14  miles  northeast  of Shining  Tree,  adjacent  to  the  4-mile  post  on  the Knight-Tyrrell  township  boundary,  in  northern Tyrrell  Township.  Shaft  in  claim  GG5801.  Latitude 47.670 ,  Longitude 81.000. Map reference:  ODM 2365, Macmurchy and Tyrrell


Keewatin  mafic  to  intermediate  metavolcanics, lying 500 feet west of a contact with Cobalt Group  sedimentary  rocks,  are  intruded  by  several bodies  of  peridotite  (now  altered to serpentinite) a  granodiorite  stock,  and  numerous  lamprophyre and feldspar porphyry dikes. For two-thirds of its 950 foot length, a mineralized fracture  zone  occurs  along  the  carbonatized  and silicified  contact  between  the  peridotite intrusion and  an  andesite  flow.  Gold  values  are  associated with the presence of pyrite, which occurs in quartz-carbonate  veinlets  in  the fracture  zone  and  in  the rock adjacent to them.


Underground  development showed  that  the  deposit  consisted  of two  parallel north-trending  carbonatized  and  pyritized  shears. At  surface  the  south  orebody  was 400  by 39 feet and  the  north  orebody  measured  200  by  20  feet. The  gold  occurred  in  heavily  mineralized  zones which  formed  pods  and  lenses.  Before  the  mine closed  in  1942, gold values of 0.20 ounce of Au per ton  were  encountered during drilling to a  depth of 1,400 feet.


Leased by Tyranite Mines Limited.


1930:  Part of property staked and some surface work by L.O. Hedlund.
1931: Trenching and nine diamond-drill holes (2,200 feet)  by  Waite  Syndicate,  Ventures  Limited,  and Nipissing Mining Company Limited.
1933:  Diamond-drilling (amount unknown) by Mcintyre Porcupine Mines Limited.
1934:  Surface work  and  diamond-drilling (amount unknown) by Consolidated Smelters.
1936-1942: Three-compartment shaft to 1,151 feet, inclined two-compartment 350-foot winze from the 525-foot  level,  and  12,378  feet  of  underground development  on  seven  levels.  Surface  and  under ground  diamond-drilling  (amount  unknown).  200-ton mill  installed. Work by Tyranite Mines Limited.


Year Gold Silver Ore Milled Recovered Grade
 (ounces) (ounces)  (tons)  (ounce of Au per ton)
1939-1942 30,352 4,860 223,810  0.14


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