Ryan Lake

Location: Powell Township
Years of Operation: 1948 – 1957, 1962 – 1964
Tons Milled: 188,790
Ounces of Gold Produced:  1,352






Ryan Lake Mine (Past Producer)


Cu, Ag, Au, Mo

LOCATION:  Approximately  3 miles northwest of Matachewan,  1^  mile  north  of  Ryan  Lake,  in  central Powell  Township.  Shaft  in  claim  MR 12528.  Latitude 47.970,  Longitude 80.790 . Map reference:  ODM 2110, Powell and Cairo Townships.


The property straddles the contact between tightly folded Timiskaming metasediments and Keewatin  metavolcanics  to  the  north.  An  ultramafic
intrusive body occurs along the contact, several syenite  cupolas  intrude  the  sedimentary, volcanic and ultramafic  intrusive  rocks,  and  north-trending  diabase dikes cut all of the above rocks. The  two  orebodies  are  related  to  east-trending, steeply  dipping  shear  zones.  The  “main  ore zone” occupies a  4- to 5-foot wide vertically dipping shear zone  in  porphyry  and  serpentinized  peridotite. Quartz  veins  and lenses are mineralized with molybdenite, chalcopyrite, and a little pyrite. The “north mineral  zone”  consists  of  several  parallel  shears  in andesitic metavolcanics, 200 feet north of the main zone.


The  estimated  average grade of  the  ore  at  the  start  of underground  operations was 1.25 percent Cu, 0.5 percent Mo and 0.03 ounce of Au per ton.


Extender Minerals of Canada Limited.


1947:  Diamond-drilling (amount unknown) by Ryan Lake Mines Limited.
1948:  Magnetic and  self-potential  surveys,  and  50 diamond-drill  holes  by Teck Exploration Company Limited.
1950-1957:  Trenching,  test-pitting,  and  open  pit mining. Two-compartment shaft to 480 feet, 8,563 feet  of  lateral  development  on  levels  at  92,  192, 317,  and  442  feet.  21,378  feet  of  underground diamond-drilling,  and  16,140  feet  of  surface  diamond-drilling.  75-ton  mill  nstalled,  163,490  tons of ore milled, and concentrates shipped to Noranda. Work  by  New  Ryan Mines Limited  (name changed to Min-Ore Mines Limited in 1955).
1958-1959:  167  feet  of  drifting,  6,790  feet  of underground  diamond-drilling,  850 feet of  surface diamond-drilling,  and  mill  tests  by  International Ranwick Limited.
1962:  Ore  for mill  tests  mined  from  open  pit by Pax International Mines Limited.
1964-1966:  Geochemical survey, 650 feet of under ground  development,  and  13,167  feet  of  under ground  and  surface  diamond-drilling.  Limited  production from  a  150-ton mill. Ore  (5,938 tons) and old  tailings  (14,025  tons)  treated  in  roasting  and leaching  plant.  Work  by  Pax  International  Mines Limited.
1966-1967:  Geological,  geochemical  and  geophysical  surveys,  and  15  diamond-drill  holes  (8,929 feet) by Cominco Limited.


Year Gold Silver Copper Mo   O.M.
(ounces)  (ounces) (pounds) (Ibs.)  (tons)
1,352 36,141  4,995,745 11,393 184,790


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