Morris Kirkland

Location: Lebel Township
Years of Operation: 1936 – 1938, 1940 – 1942
Tons Milled: 127,253
Ounces of Gold Produced: 16,999







Morris Kirkland Mine (Past Producer)



Approximately  5  miles  east  of  Kirkland Lake, y* mile southeast of Mud Lake, in east-central Lebel Township. Shafts Nos.1  and 2 in claim L7479. Latitude 48.150,  Longitude 79.920 . Map reference: ODM 53a, Township of Lebel.


The  entire property  is underlain by Timis kaming  metavolcanics  and  metasediments  (grey wacke,  tuff breccia,  agglomerate,  and  massive  and porphyritic  trachyte)  which  are  intruded  by  small bodies of Algoman porphyry. The  ore  is  associated  with  a  fault  zone  called  the “Main  break”  which  strikes  approximately  N300E and  dips vertically  in trachytic flow rocks. The ore zone  is  terminated  to the northeast by a fault and has  been  traced  to  the  southwest for  750 feet.  It consists  mainly  of  sulphides,  with  pyrite  being most common; quartz was relatively rare.


The average grade of ore from the upper levels was 0.16 ounce of Au per ton; ore from  the  lower  levels  averaged  0.12  ounce  of Au per ton.


Federal  Trading  and  Regency  Company Limited.


Circa  1922:  No.1  Shaft to  100 feet and 30 feet  of  underground  development  by Wood  Kirkland Gold Mines Limited.
1923: Trenching by Tonapah Mining Company.
1929-1934:  No.2 Shaft to 768 feet and 4,356 feet of  lateral  development  on  levels  at  125-foot intervals by Kirkland Gold Belt Mines Limited.
1935-1941:  No .2  Shaft  deepened  to  1,651  feet, 18,133  feet  of  underground  development concen trated  on  the  125-,  750-  and  1,250-foot  levels and  more  than  200  underground  diamond-drill holes  by  Morris  Kirkland  Gold  Mines  Limited. A  100-ton  mill  processed  ore  during  the  period 1936-1938.  Mill  then  leased  to  Upper  Canada Mines  Limited  while  underground  development continued.  Milling  of  Morris  Kirkland  ore  re sumed during the period 1940-1942.
Circa  1948:  Custom  milling  of  ore  from  small mines  in  the  Kirkland  Lake  camp  was  tried with out success.


Year Gold Silver Copper Ore Milled R.G.
 (ounces)  (ounces)  (pounds)  (tons)  (oz./t)
16,681 29,754 13 127,253 0.13


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