Location: Lebel Township
Years of Operation: 1934 – 1936
Tons Milled: 16,388
Ounces of Gold Produced: 4,780






Moffatt-Hall Mine (Past Producer)



Approximately  5Va  miles  east-northeast of  Kirkland  Lake,  Vz  mile south of the eastern end of  McTavish  Lake,  in  northeastern  Lebel  Town
ship.  Shaft  in  claim  LS4.  Latitude 48.170 ,  Longitude 79.91 0 . Map reference: ODM 53a, Township of Lebel.


Timiskaming  metavolcanics  and  metasediments  (conglomerate,  greywacke,  pyroclastics,  and massive  and  porphyritic trachyte)  are  intruded  by “porphyrite”  (Algoman  porphyry  and  altered country rocks). The  No.1  vein,  striking  northeast  and  dipping steeply  northwest,  consists of fractured  and  altered  wall rock  heavily  mineralized  with  pyrite  and cut  by  dark  quartz  stringers.  To  the  northeast, the  vein  has  been  developed  on  the  Bidgood  property  and,  to  the  southwest,  it  is  cut  off  by  a cross-fault.


Assays  from  underground ranged from 0.09 to 0.75 ounce of Au per ton. The best  ore  was  found  where  the  vein  occupied  a sheared  contact  between  a  narrow  porphyry  dike and the Bidgood diorite body.


Open  for staking as of January  1,  1953.


1917-1918:  Property  staked  by  F.C.  Bidgood.
Circa 1920: Trenching revealed No.1 vein.
1923:  Surface  prospecting  by  Tonopah  Mining Company (under option).
1928:  Unspecified  development  by  Mcintyre  Porcupine Mines Limited (under option).
1931-1932:  Two-compartment  shaft  to  570  feet and  2,800 feet of  lateral  development  on  levels at 150,  300, 425, and  550  feet  by  Moffat-Hall  Gold Mines Limited.
1934:  Property  leased  to  H.  Jardin  who  shipped 3,178 tons of ore to the Noranda mill.
1934-1935:  Raise  driven  to  connect  Moffat-Hall 425-foot  level  with  Bidgood  500-foot  level,  and small  amount of production  by  Bidgood  Kirkland Gold Mines Limited (under lease).
1936: Operations resumed for short time by Moffat-Hall  Mining  Company  Limited.  During  the  life  of the  mine  there  was  4,365  feet  of  underground lateral development and 3,464 feet of underground diamond-drilling in 21 holes.
1938:  Six  surface diamond-drill holes (1,031  feet).
1941: Six surface diamond-drill holes (12,837 feet).
1964:  Geological  survey  and trenching by Consoli dated Virginia Mining Corporation.
1965-1966:  Six  diamond-drill  holes  (690  feet)  by Tegren Gold Mines Limited.
1973:  Trenching  and  stripping  by  E.G.  Deloye.


Years Gold  Silver Ore Milled Recovered Grade
(ounces) (ounces)  (tons) (ounce of Au per ton)
1934-1935 4,768 1,149 16,388 0.29


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  1. I have found some of my Grandfataher’s Certificates for the Moffat-Hall Mining Corporation.

    it does not sound like it is an active site.
    Wondering if this is a decoration or perhaps worth some money
    This certificate is for 500 shares
    thanks for all
    Grandfather was Richard Thomas Basher

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