Kirkland Townsite

Location: Teck Township
Years of Operation: 1958 – 1959
Tons Milled: 4,230
Ounces of Gold Produced: 1,921






Kirkland Townsite Mine (Past Producer)


Au, Ag


Located  in  the  northeastern  part  of the town  of  Kirkland  Lake,  in eastern Teck Township. Patented  claim  L1438,  L1635,  and  L2192.  Shaft
in  patented  claim  L1635.  Latitude 48.150 ,  Longitude 80.030 . Map reference: ODM 1945-1, Township of Teck.


The  large  mass  of  syenite  porphyry  extending  east  from  the  Lake  Shore  Mine  through Wright-Hargreaves  and  Sylvanite  Mines to  the  To-
burn  property  also  occupies  most  of the  northern quarter  of  the  Kirkland  Townsite  property.  The remainder  of  the  property  is  underlain  by  Timiskaming greywacke  cut by dikes of the syenite porphyry.  Several  north-trending  post-ore  faults  cross the property.


A zone of alteration and mineralization  with  occasional  low gold  values was indicated  by  drilling.  Production  has  been  entirely
from  a  subsidiary  vein  of  the  Wright-Hargreaves South Vein system where it crosses a  corner of the Kirkland  Townsite  property  between  the  2,850- and 3,000-foot levels.


K.T. Mining Limited.


1923-1924: Two-compartment shaft to 317 feet with  1,175 feet of lateral development and two short winzes on levels at 150 and 300 feet by Anglo-
Canadian  Explorers  Limited  (under  option  from Kirkland Townsite Gold Mines Limited).
1926-1927:  Shaft  deepened  to  695  feet,  436  feet of crosscutting to the  south of the shaft on a  new level at 675 feet, and considerable surface and under ground  diamond-drilling  (including  a  1,600-foot hole  from  surface  and  a  long  hole  from  a  drift on  the  Wright-Hargreaves  1,250-foot  level)  by Kirkland Townsite Gold Mines Limited.
1931:  Shaft  enlarged  from two to three  compartments to a  depth of 150 feet by Kirkland Townsite Mines Limited.
1956-1960: Agreement made with Wright-Hargreaves Mines  Limited  that  any  ore  extending from  their workings  into  the  property  would  be  mined  by them  with  25  percent  of  the  net  profit going  to Kirkland  Townsite  Mines  Limited.  In  1956,  112 feet of drifting from  the Wright-Hargreaves  3,000-foot level and 4,776 feet of diamond-drilling carried out by Wright-Hargreaves Mines Limited.


Year Gold Silver Ore Milled Recovered Grade
(ounces) (ounces) (tons) (ounce of Au per ton)
1958-1959 1,921 168 4,230 0.45

These  figures  may  represent  less  than  the  total amount extracted from the Kirkland Townsite property,  since  production  figures  have  been  included with those of the Wright-Hargreaves Mine.


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