Gold Hill

Location: Catharine Township
Years of Operation: 1927 – 1928
Tons Milled: 4,616
Ounces of Gold Produced: 660






Gold Hill Mine (Past Producer)




Approximately  14  miles  southeast  of Kirkland  Lake,  in  lots  7-9,  concession  V,  Catharine  Township.  Shaft  in  patented  claim  L10715,SW^,  NVi,  lot  9,  concession  V.  Latitude  47.990, Longitude 79.850 . Map  reference:  ODM  2043,  Catharine  and  Marter Townships.


In  the  vicinity of the shaft, Early Precambrian  mafic  to  intermediate  metavolcanics  are  cut by  small  bodies  of  diorite  porphyry  and  diabase. Lenses  and  veins  of  interbanded  quartz  and  sulphides  occupy  shear  zones  in  the  metavolcanics. Sulphide  mineralization  consists  of  pyrite  with minor chalcopyrite, molybdenite, and galena. On surface, an  1,100-foot length of the mineralized zone  assayed  0.75  ounce  of Au per ton across  1.7 feet.  Channel  samples  taken  underground  assayed from trace to 5.6 ounces of Au  per ton across similar widths.


Robert B. Tuer.


1927-1929:  Geological  survey  and  3,600 feet  of  diamond-drilling.  Two-compartment  shaft to 1,200 feet and 6,000 feet of underground lateral development.  100-ton  mill  installed in fall of  1927 and operated during winter of 1927-1928. All work by Gold Hill Mines Limited.


Year Gold Ore Milled Recovered Grade
(ounces) (tons) (ounce of Au per ton)
1927-1928 660 4,616  0.14


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Catharine  Township, Gold Hill Mines Limited (1929).

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