Location: Benoit Township
Years of Operation: 1918, 1936 – 1938
Tons Milled: 1,298
Ounces of Gold Produced: 277






Davidor Mine (Past Producer)


Au, Ag


Approximately 14 miles northwest of Kirkland  Lake,  in SW14,  814, lot 9, concession II, Benoit Township.  Shaft  at  Latitude  48.290,  Longitude 80.240. Map  reference:  ODM 2215, Benoit and Maisonville Townships.


Mafic  metavolcanics  are  cut  by  felsic stringers and dikes, and by 3-foot wide shear zones containing  quartz-carbonate  veins  and  lenses with maximum  widths  of  1  foot.  The  main  ore  zone lies  in  a  shear  which  strikes  N300W  and  dips vertically.  Mineralization  consists  of  pyrite,  chalcopyrite, galena, molybdenite, and visible gold.


The  average  recovered grade of the  1,298 tons of ore milled was 0.21  ounce of Au  per  ton.  In  1947,  more than  315 tons of ore was  processed  in  a  test  mill  and  found to  have  a recovered  grade  of greater than 0.14 ounce of Au per ton.


Open  for staking as of January  1,  1971.


1917:  Gold  discovered  by  Oscar  Anderson on his farm.
1920:  Two-compartment  shaft  to  400  feet,  with levels  at  80, 180, 280, and 380 feet and  1550 feet of  drifting  by  Bourkes  Mines  Limited.  In  1918, 5,331  pounds  of  ore  milled  at  Mcintyre  mill, Timmins.
1933:  Workings  dewatered  and  sampled  by  Tellaurum Gold Mines Limited.
1936-1937: Ore mined by Bourkes Syndicate.
1938:  Ore  mined  by  Mesabi  Gold  Mines  Limited.
1946-1947:  More  than  315 tons of ore  processed in test mill by Davidor Mines Limited.


Year Gold Silver Ore Milled Recovered Grade
(ounces) (ounces) (tons) (ounce of Au per ton)
1918, 1936-1938 277 50 1,298 0.21


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