Barry Hollinger

Location: Pacuad Township
Years of Operation: 1918, 1925 – 1936, 1944 – 1946
Tons Milled: 267,741
Ounces of Gold Produced: 77,000







Barry Hollinger Mine (Past Producer)


Au, Ag

LOCATION:  Approximately  10172  miles south-southeast of Kirkland  Lake,  in lot 3, concession VI and SE’/i, Ny2,  lot  4,  concession  VI, Pacaud Township. Shaft in  NW1A,  NV2,  lot 3, concession VI  (patented claim L17930). Latitude 48.01 0, Longitude 79.920 . Map reference:  ODM  1957-4, Boston Township and part of Pacaud Township.


The Pacaud  Fault, assumed to strike south- east through  the  center of the  property,  separates sheared  and  altered tuffs and tuffaceous sediments on  the  southwest from  Keewatin  mafic  lava  flows to  the  northeast.  These  rocks  are  intruded  by  a hornblendite-serpentinite sill in the northeast corner of the  property  and  by  small  masses  and  dikes of syenite porphyry. Twelve  veins  have  been found on the property but underground development and mining was confined to  the  No.7  Vein.  It  strikes  N570E,  dips  700S,  is up to 8 feet in width, and consists of parallel vein- lets or  irregular  lenses of  quartz  in  a  green  schist. Mineralization  includes  pyrite  and  some  chalcopy rite and visible gold. The presence of gold is largely dependent on the quartz and seems to be associated with the presence of chalcopyrite rather than pyrite.


R.S. Martin.


1917-1918:  Trenching,  two-compartment shaft  to 215  feet,  and  at  least  300  feet  of  lateral development on levels at 100 and 200 feet. Approx imately 500 ounces of Au produced  in 50-ton mill. Work by Patricia Syndicate.
1919: Mine buildings destroyed by fire.
1925-1936:  Shaft  deepened  to  1,000  feet,  winze from 1,000-foot level to 2,250 feet and 23,581 feet of  lateral  development  on  numerous  levels.  Small test  mill,  operated  during  1925-1926,  was  replaced  by  a  150-ton  mill  in  1926.  Continuous production  from  1925  to  1936.  Work  by  Barry- Hollinger Gold Mines Limited.
1944-1946: Mill cleaned up.
1962:  Two  diamond-drill  holes  (405  feet)  by  A. Bargnesi.
1969-1970:  Trenching  and  one  diamond-drill  hole (110 feet) by A. Bargnesi.


Year Gold Silver Ore Milled Recovered Grade
 (ounces) (ounces) (tons) (ounce of Au per ton)
1918, 1925-1936,
69,891 8,502 267,741  0.26


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