Macassa Mine NO.3 Shaft

NO.3. Shaft at Macassa Mine

Record Breaking Shaft:  The NO.3 Shaft was the deepest single lift timbered shaft in the western hemisphere. It reaches 6198 feet below sea level and had serviced some 20 active levels from the 4250’L down to the 7050’L elevation before the the lower 1000 feet were flooded. The entirety of the total daily ore production is produced from this shaft. The final blast was witnessed at 7;10pm on April 17 1986. Bill Glover and Ben Lapointe taped the last bench at 7238.12 feet. This is four times deeper than the C.N. Tower is high.


The Macassa mine has been operating continuously since 1933. It was time to add to this mine, leading to Lac Minerals Ltd, awarding the Macassa NO.3 shaft collar and surface set-up to Dynatec Mining Contractors. The first bench blast for the NO.3 shaft was taken on May 1st 1983.


#3 Shaft
Copyright: G. Hamden

Macassa gold Mine, Kirkland Lake

credit to Bill Glover and Kirkland lake Museum of sir Harry oaks