Bernie Jaworsky

List of books re: Kirkland Lake

1) Remember Kirkland Lake – The Gold Miners’ Strike of 1941-42 by Laurel Sefton MacDowell

2) Three Miles of Gold by Sid Pain

3) Lamps Forever Lit – A Memorial to Kirkland Lake Area Miners by Bernie Jaworsky

4) The Kirkland Lake Story – a Pictorial History by Andre Wtjen and L.H.T. Irvine

5) Kirkland Lake on the Mile of Gold by Michael Barnes

6) Ernie’s Gold – A Prospector’s Tale by Brian Martin

7) The Way North by Sid Pain

8) Metals and Men by D.M. Lebourdais pgs. 178-193

9) The Gold Fields of Larder Lake – Canada’s Forgotten gold Rush by Vernon Dufresne and Clark Thompson

10) Sir Harry Oakes 1874- 1943 An Accumulation of Notes by Bob Cowan

11) Boston Creek – Golden Echoes of an Ontario Mining Camp by Peter Fancy

12) The Legend of Jack Munroe – A Portrait of a Canadian Hero by Dorothy Farmiloe

13) Mopping Up with the PPCLI by Jack Munroe

14) The Town With the Heart of Gold by S.J Zima

15) Cage Call by Louie Palu and Charle Angus

16) Tegousie Wabie – the Story of Larder Lake by Hurst, Harvey, Armstrong, Lariviere, Jacques, and Blackburn

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